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Ottawa Cremation Service Inc. knows there are difficult decisions when trying to decide which service will best assist with your needs. We believe it's important to be informed with what we can offer you. Here we have provided answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How long have you been in business?

Ottawa Cremation Service Inc. has been in business for 24 years, being established in 1994.

Where are you located?

Our office is located at 1803 St. Joseph Blvd, Unit 116, Ottawa, ON. K1E 6C7

Why are your fees so much less than other providers for the same service?

It's quite simple. We do not carry their high overhead expenses. (elaborate buildings, expensive vehicles, executive salaries, shareholders wanting a high return on their investment).

We also look at cutting unnecessary expenses in order to pass those savings onto the families we serve. Three major expense saving practices we use are:

1.  We do not accept pre-payments. It is a significant way we keep our costs down. If we accepted pre-payments the law requires that an independent audit is conducted each year on the monies held in trust. That audit is very expensive which would increase overhead expenses, which means we would have to raise our prices. Our prices have remained relatively the same since we opened. We do not see our prices increasing anywhere near what the funeral industry increase their prices each year. Each year we are serving more and more families so there is little need to raise our prices.

2.  We do not staff our office during regular business hours. We do things by appointment. That way we do not have the expense of having to pay someone to sit at our office. Most people understand that in this day and age things are done by appointment (e.g dentist, doctor, lawyer, accountant etc..)

Is embalming required?

There are two instances where embalming is required. They are: if the body is being transported by public carrier (train or plane) and/or a medical officer of health states that it is necessary for public health and safety reasons. Other than those two instances, embalming is not required.

Some funeral homes make it their "policy" that a body must be embalmed if the body is held for more than 24 hrs. This may be a way they try to justified their charges.

Do we have to identify the deceased?

No. Identification of the deceased is optional (a surcharge applies). We will not make you perform identification. We rely on the family, nursing home staff and the hospital tagging system as a basis of identification of the deceased.

Some funeral homes require identification as a means to justify their charges.

May we witness the cremation?

Yes. A cremation is preformed at a crematorium. Crematoriums have their known rules with regards to witnessing a cremation. Generally speaking, they are: the cremation is witnessed first thing in the morning, they limit the number of people to about 5-7 and the container/casket must remain closed. Some crematoriums require that a funeral director be present. If you choose a crematorium that requires us to be present, a surcharge will apply.

Do we have to purchase an urn?

No. The cremated remains are returned in a black plastic urn. Some funeral homes and cemeteries like to call it a "temporary urn", planting the seed that you have to buy an urn. The black plastic urn is plain, modest but dignified. Some families are comfortable with it, other families bring their own urn and some wish to upgrade to a more decorative urn. That is YOUR choice.

What can we do with the cremated remains?

There are many options available. You can keep them at home, scatter them on private property (permission of the land owner is needed), you can bury them in a cemetery, you can scatter them unused Crown land or in a lake or river.

Cremated remains can be transported in North America provided that you have a copy of the cremation certificate and proof of death certificate. For transport outside of North America, certain requirements must be met. Each country have different regulations. It is best you speak with our staff pertaining to this matter.

If you require any additional information, feel free to give us a call; we are always here to help.